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Beading Tray - Square Traveler 105 Crazy Stripes

Beading Tray - Square Traveler 105 Crazy Stripes

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Square Traveler by Silaba Crafts, UK

Travelers Craft Tray & Padded Lid 9x9 inch

Made with quality materials throughout.

The advantages

  • Keeps your craft work secure
  • Quick and easy to pack away
  • Keeping all your work in one place
  • The out cushioned rim can be used as a pin cushion to hold threaded needles and also provides a handy wrist support

To care for your tray

  • Store your tray upside down when not in use
  • Keep away from liquids
  • Dust your beading surface with a microfibre cloth
  • Best not to leave objects like pliers on our tray as this can mark the pile
  • Keep away from direct heat.